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Alternatives Assessment in a Regulatory Environment

While the principles of alternatives assessment are fairly well established, the application of those principles in a developing and dynamic regulatory environment poses challenges and risks, both intended and some unintended. These risks have the potential to impact chemical producers, intermediate formulators and users and ultimately consumers. As regulatory regimes change and evolve, affected persons through the supply chain need to be prepared to work with and within a regulatory environment and avoid being "shoe-horned" into a regulatory outcome that could be a "lose-lose" scenario for all. This session will explore different perspectives on the potential business, technical and regulatory aspects of alternatives identification and assessment. Through an interactive discussion session, participants will discuss the differences between hazard assessment and risk assessment, and their impacts on product viability and alternative product development in research and development.

Presenter(s): Paul Harper, Principal, Ramboll Environ, Robert Skoglund, PhD, DABT, CIH, Director, Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs, Covestro, Elizabeth Miesner, MS, Principal, Ramboll Environ

Presentation Date: 11/2/2017

Contact Hour(s): 1.5

Your Price: $29.95


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