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J&J Medical Devices Businesses' Approach to Managing Complex Articles

J&J Medical Devices procure a wide array of “articles” – from relatively simple single units to “complex” articles with complicated circuitry and thousands of parts. During this session, J&J will review the short-term and longer-term strategy they are using to understand, document and maintain chemical composition of articles that they procure from their suppliers. Attendees will walk through the process, rationale, and methodology for how “Material Specifications” are developed and how they are screened for confirming presence/absence of various “materials of concern.” The Materials Screening Tool that the businesses currently use to screen for the presence of “materials of concern” will be reviewed and how the output of those reviews are fed back into the businesses for decision making and further actions will be outlined. J&J will also cover a risk-based decision tree that is used to help guide decisions that are made at various steps in the overall process. The session will end with a review of J&J’s longer term vision of how Medical Device businesses will handle material/chemical composition of articles in the long term.

Presenter(s): Parynaz Mehta, Product Stewardship Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Andrea Rayner, Principal Management Consultant, ARCADIS

Presentation Date: 11/2/2017

Contact Hour(s): 1.5

Your Price: $29.95


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