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Nanotechnology Registration in APAC: Navigating Unknowns to Gain Market Access

Registering nanotechnology on the global market is a fairly new concept – specifically in countries with newer legislation. How do we manage nanotechnology market access when the global chemical nomenclature for certain new forms of nanotechnology is not yet defined and universal standards for registration do not yet exist? To speed their products to market, businesses must adapt their registration strategies to manage the submission process. This session will discuss the challenges and successes of nanotechnology registrations in APAC countries reflecting on the complexities of complying with jurisdiction-specific requirements. In addition, discussion will include how countries may view definitions of nanotechnology differently and how this alters registration strategies. This session will also deliver practical perspectives on speeding products to market with strategic product stewardship.

Presenter(s): Kerrie Canavan, Environmental Consultant, ERM

Presentation Date: 11/2/2017

Contact Hour(s): 1.0

Your Price: $24.95


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