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Expanding Markets into New Channels of Commerce: Stewardship Considerations

One growth strategy used by successful companies is to expand sales of a product into a new channel of commerce, ( e.g., an existing industrial product also then being sold into the professional market). Transitioning a product into a new channel of commerce can trigger new compliance requirements or changes to existing requirements, both for the product itself and for the manufacturing facility. Careful consideration of new or changed requirements needs to be included in the business case for modifying channels of commerce. During this session, common market transitions and changes they may trigger will be explored, followed by several case studies regarding the transition of research-use-only products into the in vitro diagnostics market; industrial chemical products into the pesticidal application market; and industrial cleaning products into the professional market. The session will conclude with a Jeopardy-style team game to reinforce key concepts.

Presenter(s): Tina Armstrong, PhD, Principal Scientist/Associate Vice President, ARCADIS, Melinda Hemingway, PhD, Product Regulatory Affairs Manager, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Presentation Date: 11/3/2017

Contact Hour(s): 1.5

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