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Challenging Exposure Assessment Assumptions: A Volatile Cleaning Product Case Study
Product stewardship risk assessments are dependent upon both hazard and exposure characterizations. Typically, some information on the hazard of the chemical constituents is readily available, but data on exposure variables are usually underreported because the information is highly product-dependent. As such, assumptions are required of the product steward, which can influence the validity of the risk assessment. During this session, the process that was employed to estimate exposure to a volatile chemical in a cleaning product will be presented. Additionally, exposure assessment methodology, highlighting refinements made to both inhalation and dermal estimates through the use of real-time GC/MS measurements and computer-generated dermal contact surface area estimates, respectively, will be discussed along with findings that challenge beliefs commonly held of volatile chemicals. Attendees will be asked to think about their own assumptions: What route drives exposure? Are chemicals with low odor thresholds harmful? Is active sampling, considered the “gold standard” in industrial hygiene, always the most appropriate?

Presenter(s): Alison Gauthier, MSPH, Senior Scientist, Exponent
Presentation Date: 11/3/2017
Contact Hours: 0.5

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