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Security: An Integral Aspect of Your Overall Product Stewardship Perspective

Product stewardship for an organization relies on effectively identifying and addressing potential risks and opportunities throughout the lifecycle of the product. Security risks cross the lifecycle and supply chain of the organization and knowing where to go for security information is key to strategically manage your security risk. This session will assist in identifying the potentially critical security risks that organizations face and how these can be addressed. Learn about the various security regulations that can affect your organization, as well as valuable resources that you can utilize to improve your effectiveness related to these security issues. Additionally, this session will provide an opportunity for group discussion about security issues various organizations face, and the guidance for go-to resources for assistance.

Presenter(s): Deborah Allen, CPP, Director, Product Stewardship & Security, PotashCorp

Presentation Date: 11/3/2017

Contact Hour(s): 0.5

Your Price: $19.95


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