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Incorporating Product Safety, Stewardship, and Sustainable Thinking into Business Development
As interest in the health, safety, and environmental impacts of the chemicals used in daily lives increases, often the potential hazards are emphasized over any other consideration. Instead of always providing full confidential business information, chemical companies can do many things proactively with customers. During this session, a new approach to incorporating concepts of product safety and stewardship along with sustainable thinking into our internal business development process when evaluating new products and applications globally will be presented and communication strategies with the value chain will be explored. The session will also include a case study of a product for the textiles market developed in response to rising energy and water costs which contributes to a new sustainable manufacturing process for coatings technologies. It will also explore how tools that consider hazard-based concepts alone can starve the innovation pipeline and may not actually provide the “greenest” choice for retailers.

Presenter(s): Lisa Marie Nespoli, Manager, Product Safety and Stewardship, Covestro
Presentation Date: 11/3/2017
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