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Polyurethane Value Chain Advocacy
Polyurethanes, notably the Diisocyanates, are extremely versatile raw materials used to make a myriad of everyday items. They are very reactive chemicals which may cause serious health effects if product stewardship programs are not followed. Industry, recognizing this, has developed a unique structure to address EHS issues. Through the early founding of the International Isocyanate Institute, global aromatic isocyanate producers have funded the institute to answer basic research on health, analytical, and environmental issues. The ACC Diisocyanate Panel conducts advocacy for manufactures of the aromatic diisocyanates in North America. The CPI conducts advocacy for the polyurethane industry as these products move downstream in the value chain. Product stewardship literature may be developed by one group, but is ultimately posted on CPI website for the downstream users. This has been a very successful trade association model which can perhaps be adapted to other industries.

Presenter(s): William Robert, CIH, Product Steward, BASF​
Presentation Date: 11/3/2017
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