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Engaging and Influencing External Stakeholders for Product Stewardship Advocacy
The role of product stewardship has expanded beyond its traditional focus on safety, environment, and compliance. Today’s product stewards are managing a wide range of ever changing societal expectations. Furthermore, as it has evolved, the influence of external stakeholders on business decisions has grown. Thus, there is a growing need to identify emerging challenges or opportunities that could affect an organization’s interests, and engage externally. During this session, the engagement and influencing “best practices” of members of The Conference Board’s Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs (PSRA) Council will be discussed. The PSRA Council has over 25 member companies representing a wide range of businesses and stewardship needs. Participants will learn about a strategic process for deciding when and how to engage externally, key elements for planning engagement programs, and best practices for effective influencing. Case studies and “lessons learned” from recent influencing programs will also be shared.

Presenter(s): Robert Shimp, Program Director, Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs Council, The Conference Board, John Harris, Global Product Stewardship Coordinator, Eli Lilly & Company, John Hott, Director, Global Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs, Eastman Chemical Company
Presentation Date: 11/3/2017
Contact Hours: 1.5

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