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Drowning in Data, Starving for Wisdom
Companies are required to classify substances and mixtures while complying to quasi-harmonized laws, consulting country-specific inventories of classified substances, and referring to substance test data which abounds ... and diverges.

The challenge for the SDS author is how to best manage available substance test data to stay in line with their own industry characteristics and standard operating procedures, all the while remaining compliant.

This webinar compares the availability and use of toxicity and ecotoxicity data for the purpose of chemical classification. Conclusions are drawn and methods for optional and optimal use of data is discussed to assist organizations in using data sources in an effective manner.

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Free webinar presented by our partner Sphera

Presenter(s): Francis Trudeau, Solutions Manager, Sphera & Mary Rudolph, Senior Manager, Global Content, Sphera
Presentation Date: 2/12/2018
Contact Hours: 1


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