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European Poison Center Reporting Changes Don’t Have to Be a Poison Pill for Your Business
As parents, we do everything we can to keep our kids safe. Childproof drawers, doors, stairs, and even the toilet seat. Still many kids find a way to fall into trouble—including touching and many times ingesting the dangerous chemicals found in everyday consumer products from laundry detergent to mouthwash.

Poison Centers in the European Union alone receive a reported 600,000 phone calls per year about accidental exposure to chemicals of which about half are related to concerns about children.

Under the European Chemicals Agency’s Article 45 of the Classification, Labelling and Packaging, or CLP, companies are required to submit all information about products with hazardous mixtures to the national appointed bodies of each EU member state.

Keeping up with this information can be difficult and time consuming. Anyone working with EU regulations has surely heard a lot about Poison Centers, but there still seems to be a bit of uncertainty around this topic. For example, what are my responsibilities today and should I submit to the different country poison centers today or should I wait for the ECHA harmonized format?

During this webinar, we will help you understand:

  • Your current requirements
  • Pros and cons for waiting for the harmonized format
  • Latest information from ECHA on the implementation of the harmonized format

Free webinar presented by our partner Sphera, co-presented by our partner NCEC

Presenter(s): Carrie Decatur, Senior Regulatory Analyst, Sphera
Caroline Raine, Business Area Manager, National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC)
Presentation Date: 9/13/2018
Contact Hours: 1.0


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