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Living with Inconsistencies in Classification of Chemical Hazards

"Despite “harmonization” efforts, classification of chemical hazards remains a source of problems for product stewards. While GHS has brought many benefits, the inconsistencies and differences in classification remain a concern and cause problems in the supply chain. In this series of interactive scenes of product stewards in action, real-world examples of inconsistencies and differences will be highlighted, and the downstream implications will be examined, and possible methods for resolution will be presented.

Scene 1: At the US/Mexico border; customs notices differences between DOT paperwork and SDS, holds up shipment, and demands new DOT paperwork to match the SDS.

Scene 2: Product stewards at their desks in Philadelphia and Rotterdam notice differences between US and EU classifications on SDSs for the company’s product and attempt to “clarify the message” to a global client that has received both versions (different versions at different facilities).

Scene 3: A procurement product steward is trying to explain to a production manager why two different suppliers of raw material X have different hazard classifications, and different PPE requirements, on their SDSs."

Presenter(s): Paul Harper, Principal, Ramboll
Robert Skoglund, Director, Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs, Covestro
Gavin Thompson, PhD, Principal Consultant, Ramboll
Mark McKinney, Business Segment Manager, Product Stewardship, BASF
Kathleen Murphy, Global Director, Regulatory Affairs, The Sherwin-Williams Company

Presentation Date: 9/27/2018

Contact Hour(s): 1.5

Your Price: $29.95


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