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Addressing Chemical Exposure from Your Compliant Consumer Products - Lessons Learned
"Strong product stewardship programs address regulatory and compliance issues as part of product development. Nevertheless, in some cases, there remains consumer concern with potential chemical exposures during product use, even if the products may have been shown to be compliant with regulations. This session will feature three such cases along with a discussion on how each issue was addressed: Using a systematic approach to evaluating consumer products suspected to have amplified fungal growth Collecting large datasets to address formaldehyde exposure from construction materials in the home Utilizing simulation studies to capture real-world exposure to phthalates from PVC. ​This presentation ultimately addresses determining the best method of testing your product to address both consumer concerns and reaffirm product compliance."

Presenter(s): Renee Kalmes, Principal Scientist, Exponent
Michael Posson, Managing Scientist, Exponent
Ankur Singhal, MA, Managing Scientist, Exponent

Presentation Date: 9/27/2018
Contact Hours: 1.0

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