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The Big Reveal: Preparing for Increased Ingredient Transparency
In today's consumer products market, a movement toward ingredient transparency is building. The trend to disclose product ingredients is being driven by many factors including industry-specific product stewardship initiatives (e.g., fragrances in personal care products), third-party certification programs, consumer pressure, and new or proposed legislation. At the same time, scientists are developing analytical methods to rapidly identify the presence of ingredients and by-products in formulations, articles, and food. Consequently, manufacturers will need to develop strategies to respond to or prepare for changes in public disclosure norms and manufacturers will need to direct efforts towards gaining full visibility into product composition and evaluating associated product hazards and risks. This session will provide examples of ingredient disclosure initiatives across industries and the underlying factors prompting increased transparency. Additionally, through case studies, the potential liabilities and market pressures that may result from increased public scrutiny and safety concerns will be explored.

Presenter(s): Ari Lewis, Principal Toxicologist, Gradient
Russ LaMotte, Managing Principal, Beveridge & Diamond
Presentation Date: 9/27/2018
Contact Hours: 1.0

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