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Partner Showcase: Gensuite - Managing Product Stewardship & Responsible Sourcing Through Change

"Non-compliance to increasingly complex regulatory and customer requirements can lead to reputational harm, supply chain disruption, and customer loss and drives the need for improved cross-functional collaboration and management systems to effectively respond to change – global regulatory, business operations, and customer demands. Join us to gain insights into lessons learned and strategies for effectively managing compliance programs and responding to change through process and solution innovations, featuring the award-winning Gensuite® software platform and expert regulatory insights from Verisk 3E.​

Presenter(s): Donavan Hornsby, VP & Corporate Strategy Executive, Gensuite
Alan Johnson, Director of Strategic Alliances, Verisk 3E

Presentation Date: 9.28.2018

Contact Hour(s): 0.5

Your Price: $19.95


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