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Guiding Principles of Chemical Stewardship for Oilfield Services Companies

The global trend to extend production within mature fields and develop new unconventional resources is a driver for increased chemical use and the development of new chemistries. Concurrently, government regulatory agencies, politicians, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and the public call for increased transparency and disclosure of the chemical composition of products used as well as measures taken by companies to address the health, safety, and environmental hazards associated with their operations. Model best practices developed by trade organizations representing the chemical industry were evaluated to identify common themes. As a result, five guiding principles were identified that could be applied to the oilfield service sector. This session will review the five principles and discuss the concept of developing sustainable chemical stewardship best practices for oilfield services companies.

Presenter(s): Brian McHenry, Director, Global Chemical Stewardship, Halliburton​

Presentation Date: 9/29/2018

Contact Hour(s): 0.5

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