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Deal or No Deal: Brexit and its Impact on Export of Products to the UK
The UK is set to leave the EU, possibly as soon as October 31. If you export chemicals, formulations or products containing chemicals to the UK, this potentially affects you. Yordas sets out how you can minimize disruption and ensure compliance by examining the proposed legislation, UK-REACH.

This webinar will look at the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on EU-REACH and also examine the details of the new UK-REACH. We will focus in particular on REACH Registrations and how these may be retained to avoid supply chain disruption and maintain compliance, wherever possible. In the short term EU- and UK-REACH will be closely aligned, it will nevertheless result in a duplication of requirements for many companies with activities in both jurisdictions. Certain "transitional provisions" will allow some companies time to adapt but others may find themselves in difficult positions. ​We will look at the impact on each type of company within the supply chain from manufacturers and importers to users of chemicals.

During this webinar, we will help you:

  • understand the different outcome scenarios of Brexit and the impact of UK-REACH on different types of companies.
  • have a clearer understanding of the proposed legislation UK-REACH and upcoming deadlines.
  • have a high-level sense of the similarities and any differences between EU- and UK-REACH.​

Free webinar presented by our partner Yordas Group

Presenter(s): Alex Paul, PhD, Principal, Chemical Regulatory Compliance, Yordas Group
Presentation Date: 10/17/2019
Contact Hours: 1.0


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