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Finding Van Goghs in the Dungeon: Unlocking the Value of Trapped Data in the PS System

Many users of product stewardship systems will attest to the frustration of entering large volumes of data into the system and not getting adequate value back in return. In fact, a number of these systems are built in a way such that the front-line employees, who bear the heavy burden of accurate data entry, get little in return for their efforts. Over a period of time, reporting and analytics have created better dashboards for senior leadership, but these outputs are still being treated as silos. With participants, we will explore ways to break free from these silos and truly drive enhanced operational performance by sharing and utilizing the value trapped in the vaults / dungeons of product stewardship systems to enhance decision making and mitigate enterprise risk. Furthermore, most product stewardship systems are transactional by nature. Effective visualization of these transactions can provide tremendous opportunities for efficiency. In addition by applying analytics and visualization to the actual process, statistics can enable the identification of key choke or failure points in the process. This will also set the stage for the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the product stewardship space.

Presenter(s): Chuck McCormick, Global Partner - Digital Services, ERM
Samir Menon, Partner, ERM

Presentation Date: 9/10/2019

Contact Hour(s): 0.5

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