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How to Measure a Robust Chemical Resilience Program within the Supply Chain

We discuss the different elements of chemical safety in the supply chain, how to establish a business impact assessment of the main hazards, and how these relate to business risks. We will review the tools and techniques that currently exist to measure the effectiveness of mitigation activities, from regulations and economic models through to guidance including Responsible Care, and from organizations like CEFIC, which take you beyond compliance. Attendees will look at different chemical incidents and where implementing more robust arrangements could have mitigated the financial, and non-financial impacts on the organization. Participant discussions will focus on how an organization can actually look at and review their chemical supply chain resilience with a risk based approach, identify the areas of weakness, and implement a sustainable improvement program.

Presenter(s): Craig Thomson, Associate Director, NCEC, Part of Ricardo

Presentation Date: 9/11/2019

Contact Hour(s): 1.0

Your Price: $24.95


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