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Manufacturing Site Review and Implementation of REACH Exposure Scenarios
REACH Exposure Scenarios (ES) are underpinned by health-based DNELs and PNECs developed in support of a chemical registration. The Risk Management Measures (RMM) and Operational Conditions (OC) described in the ES must now be included in the site risk assessment as specified by the country specific COSHH-type regulations. We will present a practical approach to help EU employers and manufacturers meet their obligations under REACH-like site risk assessments. While both of these legal drivers focus on the safe use of chemicals in the workplace, they are not based on the same accountability principals. Safe use of chemicals regulations places responsibility on employers to protect the health and safety of workers from the risks from all chemical agents based on its own internal Risk Assessment. REACH places the responsibility at the top of the supply chain (manufacturers and importers) to develop a risk assessment based on PNECs\DNEL's that includes RMM and OC to ensure a safe use. Although downstream users/employers are faced with two sets of obligations under REACH and CAD, participants will examine the application of both regulations, showing how single risk assessment can address both regulations.

Presenter(s): Chuck McCormick, Global Partner - Digital Services, ERM
Steve Smith, Product Stewardship Director, ERM
Presentation Date: 9/11/2019
Contact Hours: 1.0

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