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Alternative Assessment: What Tools Work for You?
Ingredient selection is a key step for developing sustainable products that have favorable environmental or human health profiles. Several formal alternative assessment programs are available to assess hazard potential, including Greenscreen® and EPA's SaferChoice. Also, guidance for conducting robust alternative assessments has been developed, and California has formally incorporated alternative assessment into the Safer Consumer Products Program. While some industries routinely rely on formalized schemes by mandate or market-based initiatives, these existing programs may have limitations that make them less practical for different industries, especially when large chemical portfolios are involved. We discuss some existing alternative assessment schemes as well as methods for developing fit-for-purpose alternative assessments that may better align with a company's specific class of chemicals, exposure concerns, and general workflow processes and objectives. We provide case studies from different industries that highlight specific factors for consideration when evaluating alternatives for the selection of new chemicals and retention of existing chemicals.

Presenter(s): Kim Reid, Principal Scientist, Gradient
Ari Lewis, Gradient
Presentation Date: 9/12/2019
Contact Hours: 0.5

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