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Why Go Bio: There's Nothing We Can't Make, Including Sustainable Choices
As demand for greener materials and Eco labels increases, product stewards will increasingly seek bio-based solutions to meet their companies' needs. Rapid advances in biotechnologies are making an expanding list of bio-based materials viable.

This session is designed to assist product stewards in sourcing state-of-the-art, sustainable materials and developing their knowledge of the field. It will also appeal to anyone seeking to explore current and emerging trends in bio-based materials, technologies, consumer demand, and human resources.

Through a facilitated panel format, researchers, university students, and bioeconomy experts from across the U.S. will discuss why companies can't afford to ignore bio-based sources. They will present exciting proof-of-concept exemplars and describe trends pointing to a bio-based future. Join us for access to an invaluable network and a fresh perspective on doing good while doing well.

Presenter(s): Dennis Hall, Faculty Emeritus, Ohio State University
Tim Volk, Faculty, University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Shivani Patel, Biological Engineering Student, Ohio State University
Anna Schraufnagel, Materials Science Student, North Carolina State University
Presentation Date: 9/12/2019
Contact Hours: 1.0

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