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Exposure and Use Considerations for the Product Steward
In working with internal stakeholders, product stewards must routinely address the sequencing of hazard assessment, exposure consideration, and risk assessment. During this webinar, the presenters will provide a background introduction to exposure and risk assessment and explain the distinction between hazard and risk. Several types of risks will be covered, including health, safety, and environmental risks, regulatory compliance risks, and brand reputation risks. The connections between different uses of product ingredients and finished products and corresponding exposures for workers and consumers will also be discussed.

The webinar will incorporate two role-playing case studies in which the presenters will brainstorm and outline the potential exposures from the intended uses of several different types of products and then address new and changed exposures and risks from “innovative ideas” about alternative uses of the products suggested by stakeholders. The discussions will also cover characterizing exposures and the regulatory requirements relating to use characteristics in different countries. The case studies will specifically address the requirements under EU REACH for obtaining authorization for ingredients designated as SVHC. The final case study will also focus on claims made about products and how such claims intersect with regulatory requirements and non-regulatory liabilities.

Presenter(s): Denese Deeds, CIH, SDSRP, FAIHA, President, IHSC, LLC
Robert DeMott, PhD, DABT, Principal, Ramboll
Jon Hellerstein, CIH, CSP, Manager, Product Stewardship, Carpenter
Presentation Date: 9/2/2020
Contact Hours: 1.5

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