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Strategies for Risk Prioritization of Large Product Lines
Evaluating human health and environmental risk in large product lines presents unique challenges. Meaningful risk prioritization criteria must balance numerous inputs, including regulatory updates, safety and health concerns, and the environmental impacts of ingredients. Product stewards working with large product lines need tailored health hazard criteria, specific use considerations, and clearly defined purpose and priorities in order to evaluate risk effectively. The presenters will explore different approaches to developing and implementing risk prioritization for large product lines. They will examine three examples of approaches to developing a risk prioritization paradigm up and down the supply chain, including:

1. An industrial chemicals company whose products are used in hydraulic fracking operations
2. Colorant formulations used in a variety of products, including industrial products, FIFRA-regulated pesticide products, and consumer products
3.Formulated household and personal care products sold worldwide

Presenter(s): Alison Gauthier, MSPH, CIH, Managing Scientist, Exponent
Elaine Freeman, MS, DABT, Managing Scientist, Exponent
Pamela Dopart, PhD, CIH, Exponent
Marie BenKinny, Exponent
Presentation Date: 9/15/2020
Contact Hours: 1.0

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