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Prop 65: Strategies to Focus Testing and Exposure Assessments Across Product Portfolios
The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (aka California Prop 65) requires that no person in the course of doing business shall knowingly and intentionally expose any individual to a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity without first giving a clear and reasonable warning. Judgement of whether a warning is needed requires an understanding of the levels of listed-chemicals in the product and the extent to which they pose a source of exposure to a consumer. Given that there are approximately 900 chemicals currently regulated under Prop 65 and the Prop 65 list is routinely updated with new chemicals, companies often struggle to efficiently identify which listed-chemicals should be evaluated and to prioritize their product portfolios for analytical testing and exposure assessment. This presentation will describe strategies that have been used to focus Prop 65 testing plans across several product portfolios, including: reviewing trends in 60-Day Notices to reveal low and high business risk chemicals/materials/products, developing product categories based on common use scenarios, and identifying product component testing groups based on commonality of materials.

Presenter(s): Norman Forsberg, PhD, Senior Toxicologist, Arcadis
Tina Armstrong, Vice President, Arcadis
Presentation Date: 9/16/2020
Contact Hours: 1.0

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