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On the Hunt for Emerging Chemicals of Concern
Amid heightened public awareness, increased regulatory scrutiny, and the constant threat of legal action, it is important for companies to be aware of the toxicity of the chemicals they market, even chemicals that have been used for decades. Failing to proactively manage a chemical portfolio may lead to unexpected 'toxicity surprises' that can cause business disruptions and product liability claims. The data and tools available to assess chemical toxicity are rapidly growing. The expanded insight into chemical toxicity stems from increased access to publicly available peer-reviewed resources, extensive animal testing data through regulatory programs (e.g., REACH, Tox21/ToxCast), and innovative in vitro and in silico methods. These data serve as leading indicators of chemicals that may present medium- and long-term toxicity risks and become tomorrow's substances of concern. The goal of this session is to provide an overview of different approaches that support the identification and evaluation of potential chemicals of concern in the near term (1-3 years) and to explore tools that will promote the proactive selection of more sustainable materials in the long term (3+ years).

Presenter(s): Ari Lewis, Gradient
Adam Grossman, B.A.Sc, MS, PhD, Praedicat, Inc.
Patrick McMullen, PhD, Director of Computational Toxicology, ScitoVation
Presentation Date: 9/16/2020
Contact Hours: 1.5

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