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Reaching Net Zero in the Chemical Industry
Pressure on organizations to respond to the climate emergency is growing. Many are making commitments to achieve net zero emissions, but what does this look like in reality and what, specifically, does your business need to consider? This session will look at what net zero actually means and share with you:

What is driving change, long-term policy drivers, and support measures.
What messaging to communicate internally and externally.
How net zero can be integrated into your wider business strategy.
How to bring about change within your company.
Lessons learnt by companies that have taken early action to decarbonize.

This will build on Jon's presentation at PSX 2019, which looked specifically at life cycle assessments, to take a broader view of the decarbonization effort, and how the chemical industry can specifically achieve 'net zero'.

Presenter(s): Rachel Mason-Salkeld, Senior Consultant, Sustainability, Ricardo
Jon Gibbard, BSc, MBA, Director, NCEC, Ricardo
Simon Morris, Head of Local Energy Systems, Ricardo
Craig Thomson, NCEC, Ricardo
Presentation Date: 9/16/2020
Contact Hours: 1.0

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