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Hazard and Risk: The Cardno ChemRisk Strategy
Consumers often equate hazard with risk, but this is not always the case: a complex multi-step process is needed to determine whether a true risk is associated with an identified hazard. Scientists at Cardno ChemRisk have devised a tier-based strategy to address product safety and, in turn, debunk this common misconception. Our tier-based strategy is comprised of:

1) assessing of existing data for each product ingredient;
2) ingredient comparison with other products;
3) dose response assessment;
4) exposure assessment;
5) risk characterization;
6) identification of data gaps and additional testing;
7) post market product surveillance.

The information obtained from each step is considered when qualitatively or quantitatively evaluating a product's safety. The presenters have applied this strategy to a number of product categories, including personal care products and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, and will use their experience to illustrate each tier.

Presenter(s): Ernest Fung, PhD, DABT, Managing Health Scientist, Cardno ChemRisk
Presentation Date: 9/17/2020
Contact Hours: 0.5

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