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Getting Sustainability Right
Past decisions on product design and material selection have sometimes created unacceptable E&S impacts, such as increased solid waste, products and materials which use high levels of carbon or energy, negative human rights effects, and increased marine litter. Many of the recent solutions proposed focus on bans or other overly simplistic solutions, such as recycling. Are stakeholders and decision-makers asking the right questions on sustainability matters?

The interactive panel will cover four topics:

1. What are the questions being raised by management, customers, markets, and the general public about the broad array of sustainability issues and impacts--often including those that exist beyond regulatory requirements--and how are they being addressed?
2. What has the product stewardship profession learned from over 30 years of applying LCA to inform decision-making, and how it could be used to address these rapidly changing expectations?
3. What are the ways to best to communicate LCA results in order to accelerate adoption, influence demand, and create business and societal value, which includes identifying and avoiding alternatives' unintended negative consequences?
4. What actions can be taken now and in the future to increase understanding of how life cycle results address and create business value?

This interactive panel will address the disconnect between the clear importance of decision makers fully understanding entire value chain impacts, and how the product stewardship and environmental community can best provide the relevant information in efficiently and effectively. At the end of the closing session, the participants will have a better understanding of communicating sustainability needs and examples of success stories, which they will be able to leverage when they go back to their offices.

Presenter(s): Connie Hensler, Global Director, Environmental Management & Product Stewardship, Interface
James Fava, Executive Director, Anthesis
Bruce Vigon, M.S., Owner and Manager, Breveja Environmental Consulting LLC
Al Iannuzzi, Vice President, Sustainability, The Estee Lauder Companies
Presentation Date: 9/17/2020
Contact Hours: 1.5

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