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Assessing Product Hazards and Risks
Product hazard assessments are critical in today's marketplace. Product stewards must routinely address the concerns of stakeholders as well as the process of assessing hazards, exposures, and risks.

This 4-hour asynchronous online education course provides an introduction to hazard assessment for chemical and non-chemical hazards and connects the approaches to the tools and methods presented in Professional Practices of Product Stewardship. This course also explores the distinction between hazard and risk and explains different types of risks (including health, safety, and environmental risks, regulatory compliance risks, and brand reputation risks). The course also focuses on how product ingredients and use determine the corresponding exposures for workers and consumers.

This course includes four interactive role-playing case studies in which our presenters portray a team of experts discussing potential hazards and assessment approaches for three different types of products as they move from ideation to market. The concepts covered are global in relevance and can be applied in various countries or markets.

The first case study involves planning the hazard assessments for the products. The second case study is a discussion of the testing options and approaches. In the third case study, presenters brainstorm and outline the potential exposures from the intended uses for these products. And finally, the fourth case study addresses the new and changed exposures and risks involved in repurposing these products for consumer uses.

Presenter(s): Denese Deeds, CIH, SDSRP, FAIHA, President, IHSC, LLC
Robert DeMott, PhD, DABT, Principal, Ramboll
Jon Hellerstein, CIH, CSP, Manager, Product Stewardship, Carpenter
Presentation Date: 2022
Contact Hours: 4.0

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