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Endocrine Disruptors: Regulatory Requirements, Implications, and Options
Regulatory bodies around the world are developing requirements to evaluate the potential for chemicals to affect the endocrine system of humans and wildlife. In the U.S., List 1 testing focused on pesticides. However, List 2 includes 68 non-pesticide chemicals, some of which will likely be subject to Test Orders. At an estimated screening cost of over $1 million dollars per chemical, companies need to understand the implications and options. What is OSRI and how can that obviate testing? What endpoints can help preempt testing? What lessons have been learned from the List 1 chemicals about Tier 1 testing, and how can weight of evidence evaluations be used? What is the current status of Tier 2 testing? What is the role of computational toxicology and predictive exposure assessment? What is the status of European regulation? These subjects will be explored with a focus on practical application.

Presenter(s): Jane Staveley, MSPH, Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent, Barbara Neal, DABT, Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent, Elaine Freeman, MS, DABT, Managing Scientist, Exponent​
Presentation Date: 6/2/2015
Contact Hours: 1.0

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