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Playing to Beat the Banned

After over half a decade as a favored food packaging product, polystyrene foam (often called “Styrofoam”) has been banned in several coastal municipalities across the U.S. The basis for most of these bans is litter issues or the misconception that polystyrene foam is not recyclable. However, banning a single product does not address the real problem which is behavioral in nature. This session will show how an industry banded together to demonstrate and promote recycling and repurposing of foam, and will cite pitfalls and successes along the path of changing the dialogue and opportunities for a beleaguered product.

Presenter(s): Kristen Mertins, Global Styrene Business Development Manager, Shell Chemical, LP​

Presentation Date: 6/1/2015

Contact Hour(s): 0.5

Your Price: $19.95


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