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Value Chain Outreach: How to Balance Transparency, Relevancy of Information and Innovation?
Transparency is a common theme in the marketplace today. From certification labels to eco-rankings and right-to-know questions, many brands are making their product attributes more transparent. The disclosure of ingredients is increasingly used as a key attribute in product selection in some market segments. This call for disclosure has resulted in a number of challenges, questions, and concerns impacting both the value chain and consumers. For example, “What is the most relevant information needed by downstream customers to manage potential health and environmental effects? What is the right balance between information disclosure and protection of confidential business information and trade secrets? What is the best way to communicate to consumers on ingredients, both in terms of product safety and environmental impact? ” This session will bring together a number of organizations at the forefront of this issue and will include many of the current solutions offered by the marketplace for disclosure.

Presenter(s): Julie Panko, CIH, Principal Health Scientist, Cardno ChemRisk, John Harris, Global Product Stewardship Coordinator, Eli Lilly, Evelyn Majoris, Product Safety Representative, Bayer, Kevin Mulvaney, Senior Director, Value Chain Outreach, American Chemistry Council, Steve Potlock, Regulatory Affairs, Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical Company​
Presentation Date: 6/2/2015
Contact Hours: 2.5

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