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Maximizing Effectiveness: Integrating Product Stewardship into New Product Development

In order to develop greener, more sustainable products, their biological and environmental impact must be determined before they are developed on a commercial scale. This includes the ability to stop development of non-sustainable products before they undergo full development and customer acceptance testing. This session will describe recommended data requirements and tools, which are available to help determine the toxicity and environmental impacts of new products, and how these tools can be deployed as part of new product development along the various stages of product development. Strategy and tools include the use of literature searching, read-across, modeling, and in vitro and in vivo testing. This includes a hierarchy of assessments which can be deployed as early as the time when a molecule can be drawn up to post-commercialization when, as production and use volumes increase, additional data may be required to more fully assess the material under commercial use to ensure the safety of both workers as well as end-users.

Presenter(s): Randy Deskin, Managing Director, Deskin Associates​

Presentation Date: 5/23/2016

Contact Hour(s): 1.0

Your Price: $24.95


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