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Measuring the Performance and Business Value of Product Stewardship
Product stewardship work has grown beyond its core focus on regulatory compliance and product safety. Product stewardship leaders are often asked how effectively their company’s stewardship obligations are being met, and how product stewardship helps protect and build business value. These questions are echoed by external demands that companies demonstrate how they are meeting their legal and ethical obligations to society. This session will review a report by The Conference Board’s Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs Council on how companies can measure the operational performance and business value of their stewardship organizations. We will describe a general approach for selecting metrics, recommended “core” metrics that apply to most companies, and Council member practices will be described. Some of the practical challenges of measuring stewardship performance and value will also be addressed.

Presenter(s): Robert Shimp, Program Director, Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs Council, The Conference Board, Kathy Brewer, Senior Program Manager, HP, Jeff Conklin, General Manager, Product Regulatory & Assurance, Shell Chemical​
Presentation Date: 5/24/2016
Contact Hours: 1.5

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