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GHS Implementation in North America and Beyond: 2016 Status Update

The U.S. has now completed the transition of Hazard Communication in the workplace to the GHS and Canada is now half-way through their implementation. The pace of adoption worldwide continues to accelerate. During this session, three presentations will be given. The first will be an update from US OSHA on the status of adoption, new compliance tools and OSHA’s responses to implementation issues. The second will be by Health Canada on their status of implementation and a discussion of issues that have arisen in the first half of the implementation period. The final presentation will be an international update with an emphasis on South/Central America and the Asia region.

Presenter(s): Denese Deeds, Senior Consultant, Industrial Health & Safety Consultants, Maureen Ruskin, Office Director, Office of Chemical Hazards, OSHA, Amira Sultan, Senior Regulatory & Risk Management Supervisor, Workplace Hazardous Materials Bureau, Health Canada​

Presentation Date: 5/24/2016

Contact Hour(s): 1.5

Your Price: $29.95


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