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Stopping the Regulatory Madness or Protecting the People: A Professional Look at Impolite Debates

Within the walls of convention centers, politeness and professional acceptance of differing views reign. But on the internet and in some venues, the passionate and adversarial aspects of product safety debates are a major factor in communications. This role-playing debate will turn up the volume in a series of case study scenarios that product stewards encounter. The scenarios presented will include a legislative hearing on regulating product ingredients, customer outreach after a product was found to have unexpected content, and interactions with media content providers. Our debaters will help passionately illustrate both strategic approaches and arguments made in situations relating to controls or concerns about products. A goal will also be to spark thoughtful consideration about reacting and responding in aggressive situations out of the routine for many technical professionals and the motivations that can operate when advocacy and activism intersect with stewardship.

Presenter(s): Robert DeMott, Principal Toxicologist, Ramboll Environ, Robert Skoglund, Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Covestro, Gavin Thompson, Principal – Global Product Safety & Stewardship, Ramboll Environ​

Presentation Date: 5/24/2016

Contact Hour(s): 1.5

Your Price: $29.95


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