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Challenges Integrating Product Stewardship into a Medical Device Business

Several years ago, an organization embarked on a project to develop a formal corporate product stewardship program. The program required/mandated integration into existing product development and change management processes. Because the business is a large and diverse organization, integration has been a somewhat daunting challenge and very different experience for the various divisions within the business. Within the medical device division, there are some unique challenges faced during this integration process. During this session, a case study detailing the approaches (some successful and unsuccessful) and meeting the business integration objectives and EHS goals will be presented, as well as some of the challenges experienced and lesson learned in the process.

Presenter(s): Kathleen Hall, Group Leader, Abbott Vascular​

Presentation Date: 5/24/2016

Contact Hour(s): 1.0

Your Price: $24.95


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