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Combining Exposure, Health Effects, and Life Cycle Analysis in Alternatives Assessments
Ever since chemical alternatives assessment was introduced as a method to separate the not so green from the green chemicals, it has basically been a hazard-based approach to sustainability. The 2014 National Academy of Sciences report identified the need to incorporate exposure assessment, as well as engineering/ life cycle analysis. The presenters have been exploring designing just such a practical integrated approach and, where possible, to do so in a quantitative way. During this session, existing and novel approaches to exposure assessment, which are usable in a risk-based approach, will be demonstrated and an exploration of ways to integrate LCA and exposure assessment will be presented.

Presenter(s): Hans Plugge, Sr. Toxicologist, 3E Company, Ann Mason, Senior Director, Chemical Products & Technology Division, American Chemistry Council, Erin Mulholland, Analyst, thinkstep​
Presentation Date: 5/24/2016
Contact Hours: 1.0

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